Monday, September 1

Education Through Ignorance

Conservatives in the U.S. are enamored with the Orwellian and oxymoronic practice of 'abstinence-only' sex education. Research has shown that abstinence-only education has no discernible impact on whether students actually have sex. Its only effect is to make it less likely that teens will use contraceptives when they have sex.

So while Sarah Palin's daughter's pregnancy might be a private issue, Palin's stance on sex education is fair game. I wonder if a debate moderator will have the courage to ask the perfectly fair question:

Do you support abstinence-only education in schools or do you believe students should be given an opportunity to learn about contraception?


Blogger Nicholas said...

"might be a private matter" seems awfully equivocal for a former ACLU lawyer. Partisan bias creeping in? This poor girl's sex life has no business being a subject of international debate.

2:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But just wait for the next bombshell Nicholas:

The father is John Edwards!

Seriously though, imagine the reverse situation:

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Eric said...

I'd like to hear that question. It's been on the table before (and makes no mention of the daughter in any case). No different than the gay rights question to Cheney in the 2004 debates (when Cheney declined to comment). I suppose it will make little difference anyway as these gentlemen recently concluded (and polls and demographic studies support):

6:49 PM  

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