Sunday, May 21

What Have I Become?

Do you ever have those moments when you think, how did it come to this?

On Friday, I was flying back to Melbourne from Brisbane. When I fly with the judge, I get to ride business class. We were running a bit late by the time we got out of court and arrived at the airport. There was an unusually long line at the business class check in. Standing impatiently in the slow moving line, I noticed that there was almost no line over at economy. I thought, "That's outrageous, we have a longer line here!"

Then I realized what I was thinking. There I was, a lifelong leftist, standing in the business class line outraged that the plebeians over in economy were getting a better deal.

. . .


In his comment, Steve suggests I won't enjoy such luxuries and moral decay at the ACLU. He's probably right but it might be noted that the ACLU has a significantly bigger budget than the Federal Court of Australia.

This excellent site on the pros and cons of the ACLU has the ACLU's budget. When you add in the funding of ACLU affiliates and calculate for the exchange rate you discover that the ACLU has almost twice as much money as Australia's Federal Court (fed court budget here).


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