Friday, September 26

An Eye Is Being Kept

Alaska has a very narrow

maritime border

between a foreign country


and on our other side,

the land--

boundary that we have with—



it's funny that a comment like that was—

kind of made to—


I don't know, you know?


Well, it certainly does because our—

our next door neighbors

are foreign countries.

They're in the state

that I am the executive of.

And they're in Russia--

We have trade missions back and forth.


we do—

it's very important

when you consider

even national security issues

with Russia

as Putin rears his head

and comes into the air space

of the United States of America,


where do they go?

It's Alaska.

It's just right over the border. It is—

from Alaska

that we send those out

to make sure that an eye is being kept

on this very powerful nation,


because they are right there.

They are right next to—

to our state.


Blogger Steve Peterson said...

Now that you put it that way it does make Palin look like a Zen haiku master.

Perhaps it's that whole "empty mind" thing.

I take it you've also seen the theories floating around that McCain's weird campaign canceling stunt was designed to keep Palin's interview out of the news?

5:34 PM  
Blogger dan said...

I'm beginning to suspect that Palin is a secret fan of Dr. Strangelove and wants to live her art.

Jimmy Kimmel had a good line recently, something like: "Sarah Palin is well qualified to handle the financial crisis, I hear she lives next to a bank."

7:31 PM  

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