Tuesday, August 22

I'm Here

Ok, after a hellish journey (don't even ask - I would have preferred it if there were snakes on the plane) I've made it to Santa Cruz. My new house is great - a tiny A-frame right by the sea. I'll put up some photos when I get my act together. There are many ways I could express how close to the ocean I am (number of steps, etc) but the best way to capture it is this:

I can hear the waves when I go to sleep.

Anyways, new contact details are:

360 36th Ave, Apt A
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Cell phone - 831 325 7801 (but cell phone reception is crappy in my new house, unfortunately)
Landline - 831 476 5505
Work - 831 471 9000

E-mail remains daniel.nazer [at] aya.yale.edu


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