Friday, March 25

Review Two

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, J.K. Rowling

2.5 Stars

Having set out on a pretentious project of reviewing 78 books, I find myself undermined by a very light-weight start. But I decided to review the books in the order I read them so this is how it must be.

I've read most of the Harry Potter books (I think I missed one) and, despite the perfunctory writing, the flat characters and the repetitive plots, I still find them entertaining. I'm sure I would have loved them if they'd been out when I was a kid. Since all the Harry Potter books follow an identical structure, I can't with confidence remember anything specific about the plot of this one (is this the one where Dumbledore dies?). I vaguely remember enjoying this book a little more than the earlier ones.

That's a pretty uninformative review.


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